My work is a manifestation of the peculiarities that float without and within me as I bump along in this world (and possibly others.)


My brain seems to work in such a way that it captures threads of news, gossip, personal conjecture, humor, pathos, bullshit, a MASSIVE amount of visual information and migrates it into expression – ideas – what ifs.


I played in the world far longer than was natural. I spent most of my time alone in the hills and woods of Saskatchewan, perhaps that’s where the quality of my thinking comes from – less driven to me by others and more arriving out of a playful interaction with the world around me.


When forced to be in the world of conformity, I was saddened by how crummy it was. I always wanted things to be different – slightly odd – more through the looking glass. That is evident in my work. I choose childlike wonder over harsh realism, drawing you in with a tinge of dark humor.

Sculpting in wool, hide, quills, bark and found objects, I play with the relationship between color and form to redefine how you might look at an object, toying with the emotions evoked by the textures of our shared experience.